Very excited to note that Trivia was just recommended in the New York Times. Fingers crossed this will lead to RTÉ going back in time and uncancelling it. Link here.

David Pearse in full flow

Cathy (Olivia Caffrey), Lawrence (David Pearse) and Molly (Janet Moran).

Hey, look who I bumped into. It’s only David Pearse and Janet Moran out of Trivia. Well, I didn’t so much ‘bump into them’ as go see them starring as Molly and Leopold Bloom in the Abbey’s production of Ulysses. They were magnificent, as usual. Sigh.


Jerry Seinfeld has a web show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in which he and some other comedians get into cars and go for coffee (it’s a pretty good title, now that I think about it). He has people like Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman and, most recently, Louis CK on. It’s endlessly fascinating and frequently hilarious, but surprisingly few people seem to know about it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Go here, and get yourself happy.

These two can be pretty funny sometimes.

These two can be pretty funny sometimes.

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