Trivia is now on Hulu

I just found out that Trivia is now available on Hulu in the U.S. I have no idea how long it’s been on there and might never have found out if it hadn’t been for a kind comment from fellow blogger Anghee. This is exciting! I’m all excited over here!

There’s himself.

4 replies on “Trivia is now on Hulu”

I discovered Trivia on Hulu this weekend thanks to a friend’s recommendation (he saw me tweeting about pub trivia frustration :), and I really loved it. I just finished the first series finale, and it was a really lovely finish. I googled for more info and found your post about it not getting a third series renewal, so I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad I still have the second series to go. Also, I teach a university class on British TV (and I know Ireland isn’t British, but I cheat and work Irish TV into the class too), and I look forward to introducing my students to it. Great stuff!

Hulu is categorizing “Trivia” as a British Comedy but to be fair, I think it’s because they don’t think it’s possible to have a half hour drama. It’s too bad RTE didn’t give you a chance to wrap things up with a third series, or at least a one-off so you could let us find out what happened to the characters. Good luck and much success.

Ha, thanks for this piece of alarming info! If I had to put a descriptor on it, I’d go with comedy/drama – and it’s 100% Irish 🙂

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