Trivia is over

RTE have decided that there will be no third series of Trivia. I’m extremely disappointed, not least because the story hasn’t finished. We needed a third series to tie things up.

I’m too pissed off to say much else at the moment. So, that’s it – back to the drawing board.
Janet Moran as Molly and David Pearse as Lawrence.

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Just watched both seasons. A true loss in its discontinuation.
This series was a real testimony to life in our times.
Good all…

Hi there from Philadelphia PA…I just watched both seasons and absolutely love the show,,,truly it would have been better to have a 3rd Season…what a bummer!

I am really annoyed at that news. I havent had a “must see” programme in years but I was in front of the tv every week in anticipation of Trivia. It was the most genuine, funny and soothing piece of tv ive seen in a long time and was beautifully shot and cleverly written. The last episode of series two had me assuming there would be a third and disgusted to hear the news there wont. Given that its not coming back could you give a synopsis of where you had planned to go with the story. What happened to them all????

Thanks, Fergal. We took a risk with the ending of series 2, hoping we’d get a series 3 to tie everything up – but RTE had other ideas. I had broad notions for series 3 but nothing was set in stone. All I can say us that I certainly had a happy ending in mind. Thanks again for your kind words. I’m really chuffed that you liked it.

I just discovered the series and really enjoyed it. We will just have to make up our own ending to the show. Well done characters. Thanks

Hey Damien, I realize I’m 10 years late with my comments–it took streaming to open a much larger audience’s eyes to your beautifully poetic scriptwriting…Trivia is such a gem and having to part company with such an incredible ensemble and marvelous storytelling, albeit incomplete, was painful…I can only hope you are working on projects in this decade that we Americans will be able to enjoy here across the pond. Bravo!

I just finished both seasons. I loved it and wish there had been many more seasons. It was heartwarming. I loved the cast. Such a shame not to see it wrap up.

There was a gentle grace about “trivia”, something almost impossible to find anywhere else today; I have just discovered it on Netflix and I found it deep, touching and extremely well written when it comes to the characters. I have some reservations with the plot of the second season, but following this little guy has been a true pleasure and experience. Thank you.

Well, this has made my day – thank you so much. We were really disappointed not to get a third series and round things off on a more satisfactory note. Interested to hear that you saw it on Netflix – I thought it had gone from there. Are you in the UK or Ireland?

I have just realised that I commented on your page Mister Owens. Thank you for replying.

I have been looking all over the internet for any news that could tell me more about Trivia’s becoming and I stumbled yesterday on your blog. Blog that I originally mistook for a media feed.

Actually I live in the US, in Hawaii of all places, globalization has its perks and thanks to Netflix US I had the privilege to watch Trivia. You might be interested in checking their page there are already comments under each episode.

I don’t usually watch series online (aside from few addictive ones, they tend to be all cut from the same tired mold and I generally press stop after the first five minutes.) But there was something unique about David Pearse’s appearance and this Trivia topic that caught my interest and kept me watching.

In my opinion, Lawrence’s greatness lies in his capacity to attract us and a small cohort of characters into his “hobby” or monomaniacal world, depending on what side of the equation one is standing. The ambiguity is fascinating: is he mad? Just a bumbling imbecile? Or a brilliant focused genius that gets it while we are all pretending. Furthermore he leaves such a “light and eccentric footprint” with his minuscule job (love the video store idea) and daily routine (his workout while talking on headphones was hilarious) keeping just enough self dignity to go by but nothing more. A true trimmed survivor of the modern grind.

The setting and other players tell us that he is not alone in his trivial metaphysical quest, there is a Barthesian “effect of reality” created by the rest of the cast and mostly by Lawrence’s eagerness and honesty. Lawrence is great because he is dead serious, he never lies (at least during season one) and you don’t make him too foolish or caricatural giving him a chance at “existence”. This is what art should be, you freed him from what seemed to limit him and thus gave him life, that is a chance at transcendence (I believe he exists now the same way Tom Sawyer, Charles Swann or even David Brent exist, at least in my imagination). That’s when he shines and he produces lightning bolts! In Groucho Marx’s words “Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light!”

Of course Molly gives him redemption and a chance at love and Adam, the local golden boy/best friend, becomes, against all odds, the true caricature (you have struck gold there). The subplot and gallery of characters is brilliant and begs to be developed. You really have a style and a knack to breathe life into these people.

Your heroes don’t want to let me go (or the opposite), I keep thinking about their lives and wondering what is going to happen to them. I truly wish they could go on; why not making Lawrence successful while keeping all his crazy autistic social ways? Never losing the soft and gentle human touch that makes your writing so different. My humble and trifle comment is that the “lie” in season 2 was an unsatisfying stretch (maybe too much of a psychological leap) and leading him and Molly to a somewhat diminished ending. Lawrence is, in his peculiar way, a force of nature constantly creating microscopic miracles. Why not using his indomitable skills to do great and unexpected things? We are rooting for him and want to be surprised like the wonderful last episode in season 1.

Sorry for being long winded, I had this bit on my heart. Thank you one more time for your beautiful work and long live to Lawrence!


Wow, thank you again – both for your kind words and the news that Trivia is on Hulu. I had no idea and am seriously excited. I’m going to write a little post about it now, in fact. So glad you got in touch!

Just finished Trivia’s S2 on ACORN.
Really enjoyed the show but too bad there isn’t a S3 and beyond. Lots of character development
left and could have easily had a couple of seasons left.

I discovered Trivia on Hulu this weekend thanks to a Twitter friend’s recommendation and really loved the first series. I just finished the final episode and thought it was a lovely ending to a charming, compelling series. I googled to find more info about it and found this blog post, which flipped me to sad. 🙂 Such is life! But thanks for a great TV experience. (And for what it’s worth, I teach TV at a university and will recommend it to my students, so hopefully word will continue to spread.)

Oh, wow! Thank you so much, Chris. I didn’t even know Trivia was coming to Hulu but it’s been such a thrill. Thank you again – I really appreciate your getting in touch.

I just found Trivia on acorn tv.. I can’t believe it did not continue , it was smart , funny, and interesting ,, I can’t understand why they continue with crappy programs and let something like this end.

I just finished season 2 on Acorn. What a great series. How about a revival? You could visit them 10 years on to see what happened and where they are now. Maybe Lawrence and Molly got back together and Cathy returned.? Would RTE or Acorn support the project?

I just finished season 2 on Acorn. What a great series. How about a revival? You could visit them 10 years on to see what happened and where they are now. Maybe Lawrence and Molly got back together and Cathy returned.? Would RTE or Acorn support the project?

Thank you, Damien Owens, for “Trivia” (we Yanks put titles in quotes). I too am watching on Hulu. As someone who has been watching television for nearly 60 years, yours is the first half-hour drama I’ve seen in decades. I hope you will do more of these and maybe even try your luck on my side of the Pond.

I was a little surprised and disappointed that Cathy was gone after the first series. Damn. I liked Olivia Caffrey.

Would it be too presumptuous of us all to ask you to write a post here telling us in broad strokes how you intended to wrap things up, unless RTE has decided to let you wrap things up?

Should you end up in San Francisco, tweet @KennFong1. Let’s eat some spicy Mexican.

Hi Kenn and thank you for your kind comments.

To tell you the truth, I was just at the back-of-an-envelope stage with series 3 when the show was cancelled so there wouldn’t be much to tell on that score. All I can say is that I was looking for a way to realistically and satisfactorily get Molly and Lawrence back together – for good. We all felt that the series 1 ending worked well and that was the sort of note we wanted to end on (I had no plans to go beyond series 3). Series 2 was supposed to be the darkness before the dawn; I was so disappointed that the downbeat ending proved to be our last word. Oh well.

Regarding Olivia, I’d just like to say that the decision was all about the character of Cathy and nothing else. My original idea was that the quiz team would comprise two prospective couples with more or less equal screen time but along the way it sort of turned into ‘the Lawrence show’. Cathy still worked in series one but I found myself trying to think of things for her to do in series two, which is a bad sign. The other three seemed to have good dramatic reasons to be there but she didn’t. Absolutely no reflection on Olivia at all, I assure you.

BTW, I would dearly love to visit San Francisco! Honestly, it’s top of my list. One day, I hope. I’ll be sure to look you up.

Thanks again,


I realized that you couldn’t keep Cathy because she limits your options with Adam. You can’t have Adam in a love triangle because he would overshadow Lawrence. If you gave Adam a stable mature relationship, that provides no contrast between Adam and Lawrence. As someone who studied the medium, I could see how you laid out the rough story arcs for Lawrence, Adam, and Molly, and there was just nothing that made sense for Cathy.

As I began watching the second series I realized that you had a three-act story divided into 18 episodes which never bore fruit. Ep. 12 felt like the second-act climax, leading into the third act, with another major crisis and resolution to come. It’s too bad that American TV can’t follow that paradigm, because if something is successful they have to leave the chips on the table and let it ride.

I could see Molly’s daughter running off to the music festival with the too-good-to-be-true boyfriend. You foreshadowed the music festival too large a note to not use it. It would be that satisfying trope in rom-coms of the man doing something physically arduous (over distance) to prove his devotion. Molly won’t ask him for help but Lawrence finds out from Adam and brings her back arriving at the precise moment when she’s about to get drunk/smoke a joint/drop her pants. You could torment David Pearse by making him slog through mud looking into tents trying to find her.

Several blocks from home, his car breaks down and Lawrence has to carry her in the rain. He drops her off with Molly emotionally hurt but safe, and leaves walking into the rain at daybreak. He’s drenched and his shoulders are spent but he has a tiny smile on his face. He’s done good without asking for reward. Molly has to pursue him (silently, a bookend calling back to the end of the ep where they first kiss) and we see them small in the distance embracing. (Find money for the crane.) Music swells. Fade to credits.

Thanks very much. Grateful though unfulfilled. kenn/

Trivia was a must see show and I am disappointed that there will be no third series. It was just great and it got better and better. The humour was so good and in one episode in particular it was rolled out for 30 minutes, I was sore laughing. So well written and portrayed. Well done 🙂

Thanks, Patrick. Very kind of you. I wasn’t all that chuffed about the lack of third season myself.

Just watched all of season 1 (Acorn TV) on a chilly Sat. afternoon in Calgary, Canada Saving Season 2 for Sunday ’cause it looks like another cold afternoon. Quite disappointing to find there will be no third season. As a ‘trivia’ buff (always had
that ‘fountain of useless knowledge’) I was delighted to find your show devoted and enjoyed season one immensely.
Clever concept, great characterization, realistic setting and wonderful casting. I will look for more of your work. Thank you.

Mr. Owens,
My wife and I just finished watching Trivia. We ditto all previous comments and would ask that you keep use posted on any other work you might put out. Long live Lawrence!!!

And thank you!!!

Dick and Karen

Thank you so much for getting in touch. It always makes my day when I hear that someone liked the show. Happy new year to you both!

Mr. Owens,

I just finished watching my Trivia marathon on Acorn TV: I saw it listed, thought I’d give it a go, and became so enthralled with the characters and story that I watched all twelve episodes in one sitting. I was crushed when I saw that there were only two seasons! Thank you for writing Trivia, one of the most charming and “real” programs I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Others have used a variety of superlatives describing their feelings about Trivia, and I agree with every single one.
Your characters were so well drawn that I like to think that Lawrence and Molly are out there somewhere, settled down and living a happy life together.

I wish you every success in future endeavors, and hope to see another program based upon your work. Trivia was truly brilliant!

Hi Sam, thank you so much for getting in touch. I’m delighted to hear that you liked the show. Honestly – this sort of thing has me smiling for hours. I really appreciate it.

I watched “Trivia” is a two day marathon on Acorn TV. Loved the characters and now that I understand the worst (no series 3!!!??) my disappointment is is truly distressing! I thought Lawrence was, perhaps, dealing with Aspergers disorder…it seemed to fit…but I was SO pulling for him and Molly to have that happy ending!

Hi Genie, it’s so good of you to look me up and say nice things! I really appreciate it. And I’m sorry to say that no, there is no series three. We got cancelled after the second … It was heartbreaking to leave things hanging but that’s where we are. Thanks again!

Hi Damien. I just found this page while trying to find out if a series 3 was in the works. Im such a big fan of Trivia. I love David Pearse..great actor. There is a bit of Lawrence in me so i was able to relate to him. Its tragic that Rte cancelled. Its not right as the story isnt complete. Does Lawrence get back with Molly? and does Adam find happiness?. It was such a great script. Very few shows catch my attention but Trivia was one of them. Also, i totally understand why Cathy didnt have a big part in series 2 but it might have been nice to bring her back for a series 3 and get with Adam. Anyway
I do hope Rte might reconsider.

Hi Jonathan, thanks so much for this. I hadn’t actually done much work on series 3 when we got cancelled but I know I would have been aiming for a happy resolution of some kind. And 3 would definitely have been the last series, which makes it even worse. Oh, well.

I’m very late in the game, having just found trivia on acorn online. I ate up all the episodes and enjoyed them very much. So sorry that the show got canceled. I like to imagine molly and lawrence patched things up, and that adam finds a good match. Thanks for the smart writing, real characters, and overall great entertainment.

Thanks so much, Jen. I’m delighted you liked it. But you’re way off with your guess about their futures. I saw them in a colony on the moon. Now we’ll never know. Gah!

Like others, I came to your site with hopes of finding news about an upcoming season. I really enjoyed watching both seasons on Acorn TV (tried to draw it out rationing it slowly, as opposed to binge-watching). It’s disappointing to hear there’s no 3rd season forth-coming. However, I’m really look forward to seeing your next TV creation.

Thank you Laura, that’s just so lovely to hear. And apologies for the ludicrous delay in my reply.

it’s the thread that will never end 😉 I just joined Acorn and discovered one of my favorite shows lol…and then searched for season 3. I know many shows in Britain not sure about Ireland where the show just drops as they don’t run long seasons like in the US. (I wish they would! better programming!) Gosh, can I whine alittle even tho’ it’s too late? Why o why did it have to end. I’m going to say that Molly realized Lawrence was a good man and gave him another chance? I know not everything can have a happy ending but this time I’m convinced! Cheers!

I’m so glad you liked it, and thanks for saying so. There would have been a happy ending of some kind, if only …

Really sorry there won’t be a third series. I have been watching it on Acorn, taking my time because I knew would be sad when I ran out of episodes. The characters were all good and I loved Lawrence’s expressions. Thanks for creating it.

Hi, recently discovered ‘Trivia’ on Hulu and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well written, produced and acted. Maybe RTE (or someone else) will come back to it), could even be follow up series/ special a few years on ( like David Brent on the office after he gets fired).
I actually host trivia quizzes 5 nights a week in San Francisco and can relate to some of the weird and wonderful characters.
Best of luck with your future endeavors !

I discovered this lovely show on Hulu here in Anerica and am so sad there isn’t a series three!! I really loved it.

Hi Dana! Sincere thanks for getting in touch. It really means a lot to hear that 🙂

I found Trivia on Hulu a couple weeks ago when it was advertised as a good choice for St. Patrick’s Day viewing (in the US). Found this page by Googling after I got on Hulu to find out what happened after the end of season 2 and discovered there was no Season 3. Just wanted to say well done on the show. I kept having to remind myself that Lawrence was an actor getting paid because I felt so bad for him with his new coworkers! Thanks for making interesting, relatable, non-trashy television. It is a rare thing to find.

It’s so great to hear from you. Thanks for watching the show and for seeking me out to say hi!

Loved the show. Great writing and acting, wish we could have more, even a one hour special would be good ( like they did for the office). Best of luck with future endeavors !

Just finished watching the entire series. What a joy. Beautifully written and exquisitely performed. Trivia was an Irish Seinfeld/The Office with added grace. I also enjoyed the shots of the Dropping Well, my local! Well done Damien. Not so well done RTE. I missed it on TV 4 years ago but have thoroughly enjoyed watching it these past two weeks…second greatest Irish based comedy ever with only Fr Ted ahead…

This is far too kind, but I really appreciate it. Thank you, Colin. So chuffed that you liked it.

This may not be a popular opinion, but I’ve watched the entire series four or five times, and I think the ending fits perfectly. Not everything has to have a happy ending, folks. Sometimes the beauty lies in the fact that it does not.

Ha, thanks for the comment, Matt. I can’t divorce how I feel about it in story terms from my disappointment at the cancellation. But if you’re happy with it as is, that’s lovely to hear 🙂

I just binge-watched TRIVIA on Acorn TV. I’d never heard of it, but once I started I couldn’t stop. Such a brilliant cast and writing team. I think it would be worth it for the producers to pursue a streaming deal with Acorn TV/ RJI for a third season, the way Netflix continued ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. I’d bet money they’d not only go for it, but would welcome the suggestion.

Just finished series 2 on Hulu in the US. I’m so sad I won’t get to see the end of Molly and Lawrence’s story. Even Adam! Please try for a series 3!

I only just discovered Trivia on Netflix UK and watched it all in two days.

I’m gutted that no 3rd season has been made but want you to know that to a lot of people, you made a perfect T.V show.

Lawrence really is a character so many people can relate to, and as a trivia nut myself I was hooked.

Congratulations on making a piece of art loved by many. That is the most significant thing you can do in your life.

Wow, that’s really kind of you, Owen. Thank you for going to the effort of getting in touch. I really appreciate it.

Just finished watching series 1. Absolutely loved it. I was aware it was on rte at the time it was broadcast, but never sat down to it. Well at least I saved it and had the pleasure of watching it today. Let’s hope Netflix get you to write a season 3 😉

Cheers, Robert! Delighted to hear that you liked it. I think we can forget about a third series but *breaks down crying and can’t continue*

Please, please bring back a season three! Why have you given up? There are so many of us out here pulling for you! I just watched Trivia on Acorn (In Toronto, Canada) and was devastated to have it end so abruptly. Poor Lawrence. I kept telling him he was making a big mistake in not telling Molly about losing his job. He just wouldn’t listen. Anyway, they are bringing back Cold Feet, brought back Arrested Development, so just maybe? Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for a brilliant series. Thank you!

Hi Michele, I’m horrified that I never got to make it all come good for poor old Lawrence, believe me, but it’s dead, I’m afraid (unless someone wants to do a remake). Oh well. So glad to hear that you liked it – and thank you for getting in touch.

Thanks for responding. Now that you have personally told me a season three can’t be, I will try to wrap my head around it. At least there is some consolation in that Lawrence may be redeemed in my imagination (based on your initial plan for three seasons). As an aside, my hubby shares some Lawrence traits himself. Maybe in the future we will see another series you do that gets us just as hooked? Good luck!

Yep, I’m in the same boat as Lawrence and your husband! A little, at least. And it would have all come good for him in the end, I promise. Thanks again for saying you liked it – it means a lot.

Fell in love with the show via HULU and only just now found out that I’ll never get closure (nor will poor Lawrence and Molly!)


Anyway, thanks and bravos to you and all the cast &crew for such a charming show.

Hi, Damien. So glad to see you’re still reading these comments, four years after your brilliant show ended. I’ve also been watching Trivia on Acorn TV in the U.S. Since Acorn doesn’t get all the series at once, I looked ahead to see if there was going to be a Series 3, so I was prepared for the letdown, and strangely comforted to know that you were not pleased with that decision. What a beautiful show! I’m very glad I got to see it. I loved Lawrence, and I hope he gets to do some more quiz nights. Thank you for giving us such a warm, loving, kind-hearted, dear program. Best wishes!

That’s really sweet of you, Karen. I’m so pleased that you liked it. ‘Not pleased with that decision’ is an understatement! But I’m fine now. *twitches uncontrollably*

I finished watching Trivia at 2am this morning and I was shocked and saddened to find that the series had ended. This was a truly unique production. David Pearse as Lawrence was absolutely outstanding. I came across it on Netflix by accident. It is a pity that this was not taken on by BBC or ITV rather than pathetic RTE. The success of The Detectorists produced by BBC indicates that there is a market for such unique entertainment. Shame on RTE!

I agree. Both are relatively low-budget productions that rely on great writing and a great cast. At the beginning of the first episode of Trivia I was unsure if it would work. But I remembered that this is the way I felt when I first watched The Detectorists. As with Detectorists, I continued to watch and I became hooked. As I watch The Detectorists in future I will always be reminded of the brilliant series that, not for the first time, RTE let slip through its fingers. We do not need an endless litany of sex and violence in order to be entertained. An intelligent script that touches the minds and hearts of the viewer is all that is needed. Best of luck in the future.

Binge watched Trivia over the last 2 days on Acorn TV. Crushed when I went to click on Season 3 only to find there is no season 3. Bewildered, Googled it and found your blog. What you achieved, the organic, painful growth of your characters, was engrossing. That aching moment when Molly urged Lawrence not to write the answer down, or the painful interaction between Lawrence and his unkind cubicle mates, were powerful, realistic and surprising. He’s right, you are on display at work. I loved it when Lawrence quipped, “You work here too.” in an uncharacteristically assertive statement away from the trivia table. I too would love to see your ending with these characters in some format. I can’t believe there isn’t a possible sponsor when these outlets are starved for content, and folks are watching your work on Hulu, Netflix and Acorn. Well, I know you and the actors have moved on to new projects, but would dearly love to see these characters get a chance to finish their story. Please get them out of purgatory if at all possible, Molly never got to finish growing herself, and those parents, well they may be a lost cause, but if they all walk out of the mist like Brigadoon.

Hi, June. I’d dearly love to have had the chance to finish the story, believe me, but I think that ship has sailed. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it and thank you for getting in touch to say so. It sounds corny but it really does mean a lot.

We just signed up for Acorn a month ago and were hooked from the first episode of “Trivia.” Thank you for the excellent work you and all of the actors accomplished on it. We are very disappointed at the short-sightedness of the powers that be. You should have had a chance to tie things up and bring everything to a satisfactory conclusion instead of having them dangle in an unfinished limbo. My compliments to your ensemble cast. Everyone was absolutely perfect.

Hi Linda, thanks for getting in touch. It still hurts that we didn’t get to finish the story but I expect I’ll get over it within another couple of decades. Delighted that you enjoyed it.

I signed up for Hulu a month ago, and thoroughly enjoyed “Trivia” from the start! So unique….actors, plot…everything! I watched all of the episodes quickly and of course, was left wanting more. So happy I got to see this series, but so disappointed it ended. So many poor, no talent shows here in the States! Thank you so very much for such a wonderfully entertaining and interesting show! RTE was so wrong! You….were so right:)

Thank you, Nancy. Always happy to hear that someone enjoyed it. Very kind of you to get in touch 🙂

Have to leave my 2 cents worth. Just finished episode 6 of season 2. Immediately googled to see if there were more. I can’t believe they didn’t let you keep going!! What a gem Trivia is. Anyway, thank you for making it. So enjoyed watching it. Found it in here in Canada on All the best to you in your other endeavors. I will look for more of your work.

What are the chances of a feature film wrap-up, Firefly style? Do I dare to dream……

I wouldn’t, if I were you. If it’s any consolation, I had planned for everything to come good again in series 3. The fact that it didn’t get made is a minor detail. That’s what I tell myself late at night, anyway.

I will be content to think that Laurence and Molly found their way back to each other and Adam somehow lives happily ever after. And if that’s not exactly what you had in mind, please don’t tell me. Have great day.

Can’t you resurrect the show now…? great story, characters, Pace. Exquisite dialogue.. Totally real, all believable, just brilliant.
Find another company???

So glad you liked it, Lorna, but the ship has sailed, I’m afraid. Thanks for getting in touch!

So sad “the ship has sailed”. I loved every minute, but since it ended on such a sour note, I can’t recommend it to friends. It was showing what genuine love could do to positively impact a personality closed in on itself….very uplifting. RTE is terribly unimaginative and definitely closed in on itself.

Yeah, the idea was to put them in a horrible place at the end of S2 and then see where we could take them in S3. Wasn’t to be.

Oops. Spoiler alert, kinda. My wife and I have watched season 1 on Acorn. Since we found out there are only two seasons, we are treasuring season 2. We gave the show a try because it was filmed in Ireland, our favorite place in the world, and was in love with the characters, story, place at the end of the 1st episode. Sorry to hear season 2 doesn’t end well. The final episode in season 1 left us smiling with a lump in our throats. The show has such a great heart. Do you have any other shows that you’ve worked on?

Glad you’re enjoying it, Jim! I’ve written for a few (non-fiction) TV and radio shows here in Ireland and in the UK but Trivia’s the only show I created myself. I’m almost always writing a novel and am trying to get a movie off the ground. I’ve had a few people suddenly contact me in the last to see they’ve found Trivia – can you shed any light on why that might be? Is it being promoted somewhere? Could just be just a coincidence …

It is being promoted now on Acorn. The “premier” was 11Jun. Surprised it was an older series. Hope you get your royalty check. We’ll check out your novels. If they have the humor and warmth of Trivia, it’ll be a real treat. Thanks for your reply. Just curious, how was Trivia received when it aired originally?

Oh, thanks, Jim! It was well reviewed when it first went out but it never really developed a huge audience. Good reviews weren’t enough to keep the broadcaster interested, alas. Oh well.

Just watched both seasons on Acorn T.V. This is just the sort of wry, humane, ironic British humor that many don’t get— which might account for its non renewal after season 2. Like “Detectorists”, the audience engagement comes from good writing, subtle acting, and nuanced characterization. I am glad lots of people still watch it and comment here so you know your good work lives on!

Thanks so much for a few evenings of fun TV watching!
We just finished watching Seasons 1 and 2 on Acorn TV, as well, and hubby and I were soooo hoping for a Season 3!
Ah, well…😢

I share your cry emoji, Karen. So glad you liked it, though! Thank you for taking the trouble to say so.

No series 3? So disappointing. Series 1 was very strong, and while series 2 got off to a slower start for me, it regained its footing and built more than enough momentum to launch a stellar series 3. Adam and Lawrence, while beginning in vastly different places, are converging on the same trajectory — the need to build and sustain genuine intimacy. This can’t begin with others unless we first know and get comfortable with ourselves. Molly, who’d always presented as the wise and centered one, was given her own relationship challenge when Lawrence finally chose transparency (speaking from the heart), offered up his first paycheck (selflessness, at last), and then surrendered his house keys (relinquishing control). In my own mind, it ends well for each of them in an “iron sharpens iron” sort of way. Sorry to miss seeing how the author would have let things play out.

Thanks, Nancy. I was just beginning to sketch out series 3 when we got cancelled, so I can’t even give you the basics. Was aiming for a happy ending, though!

Just finished watching Trivia seasons 1 and 2 on Acorn TV in the US, what a beautiful show. Sad that there was to be no season 3, but the two that you made are wonderful.

What an experience it has been to travel threw Lawrence’s life for awhile. My wife and myself found ourselves totally absorbed with his extraordinary character.

Thank you for the grace of thought that went into putting Lawrence and Molly together.

One of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I just finished season 2 on Acorn, and searched for info on season 3, only to find out it had been cancelled. I have to say, I don’t understand their thinking. When you have a great product, why not keep it going?
It’s not the first time though. The British shows Gavin and Stacey, and The Office, were both hugely popular after their 3rd seasons, but were stopped. It blows my mind.
Oh well, thank’s for 12 great episodes Damien

Thanks, Chris. The broadcaster never really got the show or knew what to do with it. I’d only planned three seasons so it was especially galling to not get a chance to finish the story. Oh well.

I just binge-watched Trivia in the past 2 days. What a sweet, smart show. As someone above remarked, it is similar to Detectorists in its thoughtful approach and wonderfully realized characters. I watched the last episode without realizing it was THE last episode and was crushed. I thought there was at least one more episode. Thank you for writing such a wonderful show. Hopefully its life on Acorn (via Amazon Video for me) bring it an even bigger audience.

Thanks so much for getting in touch! We took a risk ending S2 on such a downer but the plan was to have it all come good in S3. Wasn’t to be, alas.

Like everyone else, I just finished series 2 and was dismayed to find there were no more! Physically (and somewhat personality wise), Lawrence reminded me of my little nephew as he might grow up to be. But he also reminded me of myself–smart without much to show for it at 37, the butt of jokes because trivia doesn’t help you navigate social situations. The last scene was so good. I’m just going to tell myself that Molly and Lawrence lived happily ever after. 🙂

Just finished watching the 2 seasons. So sorry no season 3, as well. It was so powerful to have Lawrence become vulnerable AND a man in that last scene. So sorry, but hope to find more from you. FROM Jane in the US.

I just discovered this delightful series on Acorn about a week ago, have been watching it every night, and just finished the second season. I can’t believe that it ended that way, in mid-air, so to speak. What a shame. This show was a little gem,
and provided some wonderful entertainment for those of us lucky enough to catch it.

Thank you so much. ‘Mid-air’ is a great way to describe how it ended. I’d only planned one more season, but it wasn’t to be. Very kind of you to say hello!

I was pretty sorry too, Pat! Thanks for watching – and for taking the time to get in touch.

We just found the show on Acorn and loved it – thanks for some fabulous entertainment! As with everyone else, so sorry to discover that the show was cancelled. I’ll look for your books. 😀

Aw, thank you! I’ve been so delighted to get all these messages from people who found it on Acorn. It’s like it’s had a second lease of life. So good of you to contact me.

Dang. We just finished the last episode of season 2 on Acorn. So sorry that the series did not continue. It was a joy to watch an adult show with actual people type situations.

Thank you, Debra. ‘An adult show with actual people type situations’ is exactly what I was going for!

Just finished the last episode on Acorn TV and I am so sad. I am going to have to make up a happy ending for everyone. Maybe I will bring Catherine back.

I really loved this series. The characters were (mostly) so likable. I wish it could have had one more season.

I’m sad too, believe me. But I’m glad you like it, and I thank you for getting in touch to say so.

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful series .. it’s rare to have such realism mixed with good writing and complicated characters .. i found myself crying at the end of season 2 .. from the touching story line, the fact that i had become so invested in the characters, and the fact that there will be no season 3 .. i can’t stop thinking about what might happen next, and frankly it’s driving me crazy .. i think that i will sit down and write my own little ending .. Thank You so much for such a brilliant work.

Aw, thank you, Ralph. It’s so lovely to hear that new people are watching the show. I really appreciate your getting in touch. Good luck with that ending!

Just finished watching “Trivia” on AcornTV. I was so upset when Season 2 started and Cathy wasn’t in it and no mention of what happened to her! And then the ending! UGH! My son (32) and I really enjoyed watching it – I would patiently wait for him to visit so we could watch together. It was so good and could/should have gone at least one more season!

Watched on ACORN TV on Cape Cod in the U.S.loved it. Wish your network cared to at least make sense of the ending for the consumers. Will look out for you in other roles.

Well I am obviously late to the party but needed to add my two cents. I just found Trivia on Acorn tv and absolutely fell in love with it. I don’t usually binge watch, but am currently ill so I did with this, and like everyone else, immediately began the search for season 3 only to find this page and the horrific news that this isn’t, nor ever will be! 😳 Thank you for a delightful series, they are rare gems to be treasured these days. I hope the fact that this many years after it ended people like myself are still “discovering” it and loving it helps to ease the pain of how it ended for you. I am interested in those novels, can you list some tittles I can search? Thanks again for making my days a little brighter.

Just so you know, all these years later, people are still finding and loving Trivia. I just watched all the episodes on Amazon Prime over the past few days. It reminded me of Detectorists in tone, though I know it preceded that show. It’s a real shame you didn’t have the chance to wrap it up on your own terms, especially when you were aiming for just one more series. I will simply have to imagine the characters are in a better place. Trivia has joined Freaks and Geeks at the top of my list of shows gone too soon. (I was also glad to encounter Aisling Bea, right after enjoying her turn in the also excellent This Way Up. Odd coincidence that I watched these two shows back to back, but I won’t complain if this is a trend.) Anyway, thank you for making the show.

Randall! Thank you so much for getting in touch. I’m pretty gutted we didn’t get to wrap it up too, believe me. It’s so lovely to hear that people are still finding it and liking it. Also, I didn’t know you could get it on Amazon, so thanks for that too!

I really loved Trivia when it was first on TV, and having rewatched it on RTE Player again, find it hard to believe a 3rd series wasn’t commissioned. The fact that RTE put it on the Player surely shows there is an appetite for more? No? I haven’t read all the comments above but I did spot people finding it on Hulu and Amazon Prime etc.. Would be interesting to hear the stats on how many views on the player.. It has aged very well; I think there is definitely room for a “10 years later” series 3! Come on RTE!! There is nothing like this on Irish TV

Thanks, Leo! Really glad you liked it. I wouldn’t hold my breath for series 3, alas. I mean, *I* would certainly be up for it but RTÉ were never all that convinced. Sigh.

Watched it from Canada on acorn
Brilliant show, Laurence had me in tears he was so sincere and brave in his last speech.
His cold and unfeeling parents who were the unsung villains, his deep emotional love for Molly, she recognized that he was emotionally immature but not why and he was so brave when he begged her for a chance. I can’t believe rte cannot see what they have here!

RTE dropped the ball. Shame shame shame. When the – n’er to do well- Exec, who made this assinine decision eventually arrives at the pearly gates, instead of a cookie, he should be given a dog biscuit rolled in poo and be forced to eat it while explaining to the keeper at the gate why he decided to end the series and then and only then be told, that he can’t come in because he has brown teeth and stinky breath, or in other words … go to hell!!!!

My utter frustration at having been cheated of a season three of Trivia drove me here. I’m in the mood to fling dung at RTE for their insane decision to not continue a series that has earned four nominations and the hearts of many despite such poor advertising I never even heard of it till a decade after its discontinuation. I came to grieve with others who feel/felt the same way. What a surprise to discover this is the blog of the series writer. At least I get to thank you, Damien Owens, for two wonderful seasons of terrific writing and to commiserate with you. That last scene of David Pearse should have won him an award.

It’s been several years now. It’s still true that the pang of losing this little show and it’s gentle humility is fresh for those of us who’ve only just made our way through.

The good work you did here, all the little touches of back story and depth for even the smallest characters… That work gives Trivia a long life out here in the world.

Hey, thanks.

We discovered this wonderful series on Amazon Prime and really enjoyed it. It’s not flashy and the characters are real and flawed, which is part of the appeal. Loved the characters and appreciated the development of Lawrence who certainly mellowed over the course of 2 seasons.
I too was surprised that the show just left us all hanging, although it does provide fodder for “what would have happened” and “did Lawrence mess it up completely or did Molly overreact?” etc.
Given that it’s now 10 years since the plug was pulled on this series we’ll never know. But thank you for developing a really nice little series that I really looked forward to. The abrupt ending is a loss to us all.

We just watched Trivia on Acorn and loved it! It hits that sweet spot of warm and funny yet substantive. Great characters you really cared about. So hard to find enjoyable shows like this on TV now in 2022. We would end our day with an episode or two and we went to bed smiling. Just wonderfully relaxing but smart and nuanced TV. That is what I Iook for in my TV choices. So sorry there is not a season 3!

What a great series! Disappointing that there is not a series three. Delightful characters, great acting and an entertaining story line. Just discovered it on Acorn (Canada). Kudos to you, Mr. Owens. Great work and I wish another network would pick it up. We need more of this type of show!

What a great series! Disappointing that there is not a series three. Delightful characters, great acting and an entertaining story line. Just discovered it on Acorn (Canada). Kudos to you, Mr. Owens. Great work and I wish another network would pick it up. We need more of this type of show!

Although I am a decade late to the party, I want to thank you for this charming series. I was also disappointed that it ended on such a sad note. I’m pleased to read that you did plan a happy ending for these quirky, flawed, lovable characters. In my imagination, Lawrence and Molly are reunited and building a life together.

Hello from Evanston, Illinois, USA. I just finished watching the series on Acorn. And could not believe my eyes that there was no season 3. I cried my eyes out at the end of the last episode. It felt like both Lawrence and Adam were maturing and coming to the realization of the importance of emotional intimacy. And then the rug goes out under the series. I was wondering what happened to Cathy — figured she was off managing Adam’s other bar, and that their paths would cross romantically, and more successfully in the next season. Thank you for a lovely series – for me it ranks on the level of the series William and Mary with Martin Clunes and Julie Graham, another honest, original, beautifully acted dramedy.

My husband and I just found Trivia on Prime in America. No idea how we’ve missed it all these years. It reminded us of the vibe of “the dectectorists”. We loved season 1, squirmed through season 2 cried at the end and couldn’t believe that was it. Complete idiots that canceled it. It’d be like cancelling Star Wars after “empire strikes back” – Epic mistake.

With that said, the character development of Lawrence and Adam was still very inspiring.

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