Trivia on Facebook

Trivia has a Facebook page! I mean, it’s always had one but I thought it was time I started banging on about it. If our time together at the beach house meant anything to you, please go there now and Like, nay Love it.

Lawrence and Molly (David Pearse and Janet Moran) having a moment.

2 replies on “Trivia on Facebook”

Just to say I, and indeed friends and colleagues, are really really enjoying Trivia. You have a diamond there. Beautifully written, acted and set in what seems to be a gorgeous Irish small town. It has that Ballykissangel feel to it; great sense of community, character and life. Each character is wonderful; was it Brian Friel who said there is no such thing as a small part? From Lawrence’s parents to Molly’s daughter to Lawrence’s colleagues and on and on, they are all great. The new office/call centre and ambulance dynamics are magical.
Congratulations on creating such a lovely series and thank you for creating a world more like the one we all want to live in. Real. You have cheered up a sour nation.

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