Covers are important for books. They hold the pages together. They tell you what the thing’s called and who wrote it. They usually have some sort of picture that- … damn, I’m no good at this. Lookit: my new book has a cover. Here it is. Will be published just before Christmas.

Married to a Cave Man Front Cover - Smaller.jpg

EXCITING NEWS! Well, it’s exciting to me. I wrote a novel called Married to a Cave Man and have launched it as an Unbound project.

MarriedUnbound is a new publisher that uses a crowdfunding model. You can read more about how it works here, but the basic gist is that readers make pledges to support the book, which is published once a certain financial threshold is crossed. They’ve had a lot of success stories, including Paul Kingsnorth’s The Wake, which was long-listed for the Booker Prize.

I won’t be troubling the Booker panel but I hope my story is engaging and funny. If you could support it either directly or just by spreading the word, I would be very grateful.

Here’s the all-important link:

Thanks in advance!


Here’s an interesting interview with Norman Mailer, conducted by Martin Amis twenty years ago. Mailer complains that publishers only care about marketing and have no desire to nurture young writers. At least that changed for the better in subsequent years. Phew! Image quality is poor, alas. This is part one of four; links to the next part appear at the end of each clip.


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