Alex Coleman novels now available as ebooks

A few years ago I wrote a couple of novels under the name Alex Coleman. They’re available as ebooks on the Kindle Store now. You can read their blurbs and whatnot on my Books page.

Please buy a couple of million (of each, mind – OF EACH).

Never judge a book ...

Never judge a book …

  1. Erika said:

    How’s that new book coming along?

    • damienowens said:

      I have started something, actually (thank you for asking). At the current rate of progress, it’ll be done in 2034. Exciting!

  2. Erika said:

    Boy book or a girl book? I was annoying you about this some months ago, had hoped for a trilogy by now AT LEAST.

    • damienowens said:

      I would say boy/girl. Apologies for the delay. Stupid life got in the way.

  3. Erika said:

    Or girl book or just ‘book’ as they’re known.

  4. Erika said:

    So it will be a Damien book, not an Alex one? I feel sad that there was a need for Alex (the nom de plume, not the books), though I understand why.

    • damienowens said:

      I always hope anything I write is published under my own name (if it gets published at all!) Long way to go on this one, mind – I’ve only just started it.

      • Erika said:

        I have every confidence it will be, you’re a fantastic writer. I look forward to it, best of luck.

      • damienowens said:

        Oh, thank you , that’s a lovely thing to say. Fingers crossed, eh?

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