Dramatic squirrel

Saw this little guy on Twitter. Hope he gets the part.

His Lear is simply unforgettable.

2 replies on “Dramatic squirrel”

Dear Damien Owens, I take this blog as an opportunity to thank you… Just a big thank you for your book “les trottoirs de Dublin”, I have read this book this week, (in French translation), I had chosen this book at random/by chance in the Geneva library. It really was a pleasure to read such authentic, funny and clever book, it didn’t happened to me since a while to discover a true new author. Wish you all the best and per advance I’m happy for the others books I will read from you. Cheers from Switzerland!

This comment has made my day! I’m delighted you liked the book and it’s very kind of you to go to the trouble of saying so. Thank you so much.

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