Trivia in the New York Times

Very excited to note that Trivia was just recommended in the New York Times. Fingers crossed this will lead to RTÉ going back in time and uncancelling it. Link here.

David Pearse in full flow

Cathy (Olivia Caffrey), Lawrence (David Pearse) and Molly (Janet Moran).

  1. Karen M Werner said:

    Dear Mr. Owens,
    Would you really consider writing another season, if they offered it?
    Your fans would be so happy.

    • damienowens said:

      I’d do it in a heartbeat, Karen, but I’m afraid it’s not going to happen. Thank you for wishing it would!

      • Karen M Werner said:

        Miracles do happen.
        I’ll send good thoughts.

      • damienowens said:

        Thanks! It would also help if you could very quickly work your way up to becoming CEO of a major network.

  2. Karen M Werner said:

    Or you, too 🙂

    • damienowens said:

      ON IT.

  3. Michi said:

    Appendages all crossed. That would be brilliant! Damien, we are behind you all the way.

    • damienowens said:

      Aw, thank you 🙂

  4. Terese said:

    I first learned of Trivia via the NY Times article. I just binge-watched both seasons on Acorn this weekend. I really loved your show, especially because American TV never seems to nail the subtle realities of relationships. I really do hope the show comes back. Those relationships need to be resolved! In the meantime, thank you for posting about your recent book. Signed- a Newfound Fan, Terese.

    • damienowens said:

      You’ve made my day, Terese! Thank you for getting in touch.

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