Monte-Carlo and bust

There were no awards for the Trivia gang at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival, alas, but we all had a lovely time anyway. The highlight for me was getting through the whole thing with just a single word of French (‘Merci’; there is no English equivalent but the closest translation would be ‘Excellent, I have now got coffee’). The weather was beautiful, the food spectacular. There were celebrities floating around but we generally feigned indifference when they brushed past and limited ourselves to remarking how surprisingly tall or short they were up close. The band at the post-ceremony dinner was Kool and the Gang, which seemed appropriately surreal. They were pretty great, musically, but kinda ruined the effect by asking us every thirty seconds if we were having a good time. ‘Yes, thank you, Kool. Still having a good time. We’ll let you know if and when that changes.’ Anyway: back to real life. I’ve posted a few pictures below.

David Pearse and me (trying not to look too smug).
'Look, everyone! I HAVE A LAMINATE!'
Janet Moran, me and my wife, Sinead.
L-R: Paul Donovan (Grand Pictures), Justin Healey (RTE), David Pearse and me.
Unbelievably, I am not my wife's ideal man; that honour goes to Anthony Head. Consequently, this was the best moment of her life.

2 replies on “Monte-Carlo and bust”

Oh wow, Sinead with Giles! That’s the highlight, right there.
What did you do with the babies? Put them in cryogenic (cry! hah!) stasis for the duration?
Sorry you didn’t win anything, but it looks like a great time was had.

Babies stayed with their grand-parents and, somewhat disappointingly, didn’t seem to miss us at all. And yes, I fear, Sinead may never recover from her encounter with what’s-his-name (I choose to pretend that I can’t remember it).

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