Trivia starts tonight!

As I type these words (and then retype them due to spelling mistaeks), the first episode of Trivia is just a couple of hours away. I thought I’d have something interesting to say at this point but it turns out I don’t. It’s been such a long road – I wrote the first draft of episode one in January 2006 – that all I feel is pure delight that it’s finally on TV. If you watch, I really hope you like it.

David Pearse as Lawrence.

4 replies on “Trivia starts tonight!”

Hi Damien

Just wanted to say firstly congrats on the arrival of baby Eimear!!! And I have just watched the first episode of Trivia which is fantastic! I even logged on to twitter to leave a comment but couldn’t figure it out at all! Looking forward to the other episodes – congrats again and a big hi to Sinead!!!

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