Trivia has a broadcast date!

Please excuse the exclamation mark in the heading but I’m very excited. The first episode of Trivia will be broadcast on RTE One at 10.15 PM on 3 February. It will run for six weeks, unless literally nobody watches the first episode, in which case it will run for one week or less (in my worst nightmares, I see a plug being pulled during the commercial break).

Janet Moran as Molly and David Pearse as Lawrence.

If you can, I hope you’ll watch. We’re all very proud of it. The producers, Grand Pictures, have set up a facebook page for the show and will post pics, video clips and what-not there over the coming weeks.

  1. Yaaaay! I saw it on Facebook. Thursday night, after the pub – looks like a great slot. Will I be able to watch it online?

  2. damienowens said:

    I think it will be on the RTE Player but I’m not sure that can be viewed from abroad. Will check and let you know.

  3. Kelly said:

    I’m an interested party from Canada (I’ve also gotten another four curious).

    Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to watch this somewhere online.

    • damienowens said:

      I hope so too. Thanks for getting in touch. Say hello to the curious four for me.

  4. It’s RTE right? I have the player on my PS3. Looking forward to scrutinising the plot devices, continuity and character development. Email me if you want a pizza roll

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