Trivia has a broadcast date!

Please excuse the exclamation mark in the heading but I’m very excited. The first episode of Trivia will be broadcast on RTE One at 10.15 PM on 3 February. It will run for six weeks, unless literally nobody watches the first episode, in which case it will run for one week or less (in my worst nightmares, I see a plug being pulled during the commercial break).

Janet Moran as Molly and David Pearse as Lawrence.

If you can, I hope you’ll watch. We’re all very proud of it. The producers, Grand Pictures, have set up a facebook page for the show and will post pics, video clips and what-not there over the coming weeks.

5 replies on “Trivia has a broadcast date!”

I think it will be on the RTE Player but I’m not sure that can be viewed from abroad. Will check and let you know.

I’m an interested party from Canada (I’ve also gotten another four curious).

Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to watch this somewhere online.

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