There’s an awful lot wrong with Reddit. And then there’s /r/accidentalwesanderson.



I don’t know when editing the music out of clips became a thing – I should ask a young person, I suppose – but I approve most heartily of the development. This is a fine example.

This amazing video was brought to my attention by Twitter user @MatCro (who is hilarious, by the way – you should follow him this instant). It’s all the best – that is, all the worst – bits from a 1999 TV movie called Netforce. I’d imagine it was pretty funny when it came out. But now

I tweeted a link to a new movie trailer the other day. The flick in question was Colin Farrell’s latest, A New York Winter’s Tale. I think its trailer’s remarkable in that it starts out extremely badly and then somehow – impossibly, magically – keeps getting worse. You can judge for yourself here. The thing is, Twitter user @AllanCavanagh immediately came back with a trailer that blew mine out of the water. It’s for a film called Tiptoes. I urge you to watch it. No, more than urge – I beg you to watch it.

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