I don’t know when editing the music out of clips became a thing – I should ask a young person, I suppose – but I approve most heartily of the development. This is a fine example.

This amazing video was brought to my attention by Twitter user @MatCro (who is hilarious, by the way – you should follow him this instant). It’s all the best – that is, all the worst – bits from a 1999 TV movie called Netforce. I’d imagine it was pretty funny when it came out. But now

I tweeted a link to a new movie trailer the other day. The flick in question was Colin Farrell’s latest, A New York Winter’s Tale. I think its trailer’s remarkable in that it starts out extremely badly and then somehow – impossibly, magically – keeps getting worse. You can judge for yourself here. The thing is, Twitter user @AllanCavanagh immediately came back with a trailer that blew mine out of the water. It’s for a film called Tiptoes. I urge you to watch it. No, more than urge – I beg you to watch it.

My favourite piece of writing is David Mamet’s play Glengarry Glen Ross, which was filmed in 1992 with one of the best casts ever assembled. This scene is perhaps the most famous but it’s just one of many highlights in an untouchable classic (pardon the relatively obscure pun). The set-up: Alec Baldwin has been brought in from on-high to give a little motivational talk to some beaten-down real estate salesmen. The only one of them who’s any good, Richard Roma (played by Al Pacino) hasn’t bothered to show up. A “sit”, by the way, is a meeting with a prospective buyer – someone who was foolish enough to return a magazine insert asking for more information (a “lead”).

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