Tag gag

I have of late been amusing myself in the production of taglines for movies that never were, and hopefully never will be. Examples:

  • For the first clown on the moon, life is no joke.
  • Part shark. Part spider. All cop.
  • He said he would love her forever. He was drunk.
  • They picked the wrong day to give Detective McAlpine a slightly disappointing haircut.
  • Julie went back in time to kill Hitler. She didn’t know she would fall in love …
  • Two priests. Two vampires. One crazy game of bridge.
  • Hmmm – revenge is a DISH!
  • Justice has a new pair of glasses.
  • Whatever you do, don’t pull his finger.
  • They messed with the right guy. No, wait – wrong. The wrong guy.
  • Grandpa got her nose. Now she’s taking his soul.

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