You Couldn’t Make It Up

You Couldn’t Make It Up is a panel show in which four funny individuals are let loose on the week’s news stories, be they front page splashes or minor Internet oddities.

Colm O'Regan, with host Pat O'Mahony in the background.

Colm O’Regan, with host Pat O’Mahony in the background. (Photograph © Eimear Phelan 2013.)

The show has four rounds. In the last of these, the teams each perform a brief sketch using characters, lines and scenarios plucked from the first three.

Joe Rooney.

Joe Rooney. (Photograph © Eimear Phelan 2013.)


You Couldn’t Make It Up airs on Newstalk and is presented by Pat O’Mahony. I’m chuffed to be one of its writers. The podcast is available on iTunes here.

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