Meanwhile, over on Twitter, the delightful and talented @DocHackenbush has taken one of my silly jokes and cartooned the hell out of it. I’ve always thought it’s a good thing I can’t draw like this because if I could, I would do nothing else and would quickly starve.


Ireland is having a referendum on May 22nd. The issue at stake is marriage equality. I was one hundred per cent certain that I was voting Yes. It seemed like such a no-brainer to me. Of course gay people should be allowed to get married. But I must say I have been given pause by the powerful arguments made by this oven glove. I’m in a tizzy now. My whole worldview has been challenged. So much to think about.


Perfectly normal behaviour.

Ride were one of my most beloved bands in my long-vanished youth. They’re performing again, which has set my lower lip a-tremble. Here’s a killer version of Seagull.

An old tweet of mine has been quoted in a New Yorker piece on Gerry Adams. Obviously, I am grossly misrepresenting this to everyone as ‘I have been published in The New Yorker‘. You can read the article here. Try to get through the whole thing without blinking, in case you miss my bit.


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