I tweeted a link to a new movie trailer the other day. The flick in question was Colin Farrell’s latest, A New York Winter’s Tale. I think its trailer’s remarkable in that it starts out extremely badly and then somehow – impossibly, magically – keeps getting worse. You can judge for yourself here. The thing is, Twitter user @AllanCavanagh immediately came back with a trailer that blew mine out of the water. It’s for a film called Tiptoes. I urge you to watch it. No, more than urge – I beg you to watch it.

Jerry Seinfeld has a web show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in which he and some other comedians get into cars and go for coffee (it’s a pretty good title, now that I think about it). He has people like Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman and, most recently, Louis CK on. It’s endlessly fascinating and frequently hilarious, but surprisingly few people seem to know about it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Go here, and get yourself happy.

These two can be pretty funny sometimes.

These two can be pretty funny sometimes.


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